No. 28 - Bouzov, hrad

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Hrad Bouzov (web)
Zábřežská vrchovina
49°42'18.49"N 16°53'22.18"E

Obrázek č. 1, STAMP medaile, No. 28 - Bouzov, hrad
Obrázek č. 2, STAMP medaile, No. 28 - Bouzov, hrad
Obrázek č. 3, STAMP štítky, No. 28 - Bouzov, hrad

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I bow down humbly in the presence of such grssentea.
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That insight solves the prblmeo. Thanks!
It will be difficult
It will be difficult for those who had a hand in the election of Obama to actually understand and be honest enough with themselves that they caused the escalation. Of course we can be sure that those who support the legislation will be blaming the insurance providers. Eventually the government will control it all and the drones of society will just work and the government will make the decisions. I’m hoping to be ousdittancing the eventual morphing but am afraid that I will be living to see the catastrophe of two classes of people, those who can get insurance and those who have to go to wards where there are 20 people in a large room.

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